Puro Flashback: Toru Yano Brutalizes Hiromu Takahashi at NEVER 7

by Daniel Johnson

Toru Yano vs. Hiromu Takahashi

This match happened at NJPW NEVER 7, a fairly early contribution to NJPW’s NEVER series focusing on emerging and outside talent. Although more recently Hiromu Takahashi has been picking up a win here and there, in this match with veteran Toru Yano, Takahashi had only been wrestling for about a year. As such he is decked out in the same design of black ring gear that many future NJPW greats like Kazuchika Okada wore prior to him.

Takahashi dropkicks Yano while Yano is still on the ring apron to start the match. This move ends up really cheesing Yano off and he soon roughs him up outside the ring by choking Takahashi with his robe and throwing him into some chairs. Yes, Yano is no stickler for rules! On the inside Takahashi gives Yano a series of shots to the face that Yano completely no sells and it is not long before the two are on the outside again. Yano throws Takahashi into some chairs then picks a chair up gives Takahashi a shot in the gut then one across the back. Yano then does the exact same thing on the opposite side of the ring! The match is filled with misleading moments of hope for Takahashi such as when he lands a dropkick and throws Yano with an Irish whip. However, it is never long before Yano takes back control of the match. Yano also insults Takahashi throughout the match shouting  two, three, four or more f bombs and also mocks him with Yano’s Rob Van Dam-like pose. Unfortunately for Takahashi, Yano is much crueler than RVD has been in years. Yano ends the match with a powerbomb and then shaves Takahashi’s head after the match!

In upcoming news NJPW Wrestle Kingdom 8 is coming January 4, 2014!

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