Indie Flashback: Pearce and Yano at New Japan USA

by Daniel Johnson

Adam Pearce vs. Toru Yano

This match from 2004 comes courtesy of the old NWA Hollywood YouTube channel. Astute wrestling fans may recall that NWA Hollywood wasn’t launched until long after 2004 so how could this be? Well, that information can be found here. I mean just look at it! It’s an Angelfire website so it pretty much has to be accurate! So what was New Japan USA exactly? It was an attempt by NJPW to branch out into the United States, which obviously and tragically failed after doing horrible business. Still, at least that effort gave us this match between Adam Pearce and Toru Yano.

Prior to this encounter, Yano gives an interview in Japanese to an English speaking commentator in a gag that was well worn out even by 2004. Pearce also cuts a promo and says that because last time he faced Yano, Yano threw salt in his eyes, Pearce was going to get some payback. Pearce obviously didn’t learn that much from this past match because Yano starts the action by spitting liquid into Pearce’s face. Yano then starts laying in some strikes, but Pearce wins in a battle of blows and runs back inside of the ring. Yano stalls and avoids Pearce until Pearce has to run out and chase Yano, which allows Yano to again gain control. Pearce explodes with a dropkick on the inside and follows that up with a Jerry Lawler second rope fist. After a little more wrestling, Yano wants no more of Pearce and throws salt in Pearce’s face yet again for a disqualification and then attacks the referee. Mr. Fuji and Yokozuna would be proud.

The clip ends with Yano offering Pearce some sake to make peace with him. Although Yano has done nothing to earn Pearce’s respect, Pearce accepts the offering. Oh well, I guess Pearce needed to hold onto some hatred for every now and then.

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