Indie Flashback: The First of the Seven Levels of Hate

by Daniel Johnson

Colt Cabana vs. Adam Pearce

Back in 2012 Adam Pearce challenged then NWA World Heavyweight Champion Colt Cabana to a best of seven series dubbed, Seven Levels of Hate. Each match would feature a different stipulation with the ideal goal being to give both men further exposure and add prestige to the legendary NWA World Heavyweight Championship. Pearce further upped the stakes by saying that if he lost the series he would leave the NWA. Ultimately, Pearce and Cabana would leave the NWA at the end of the series when R. Bruce Tharpe took control of the NWA. Likewise, the title would shift from being defended by the likes of Pearce and Cabana to being defended by “The Tokyo Monster” Kahagas, who I think it is fair to say is not quite as high profile as Pearce or Cabana.

The first match in the series was a first blood match contested in NWA Hollywood before it transitioned into Championship Wrestling from Hollywood (CWFH). Pearce comes to the ring with his stable, The Family Stone consisting of Heather Lynn and Stu Stone. From the second Cabana clotheslines Pearce out of the ring to open the match the two go at each other full force. Cabana even bites Pearce’s forehead early on while Lynn and Stone interfere for Pearce, giving him brass knuckles and a ring bell, respectively. Pearce’s heel moves keep backfiring on him throughout the match though and after exposing a turnbuckle bolt he loses the match when Cabana rams his head into it.

The clip is a decent encounter that set the pace for what would be a nifty yet controversial series.

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