30 in 30: MWF’s Channel

by Daniel Johnson


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The full Millennium Wrestling Federation (MWF) YouTube channel can be found here.

Here are the facts about MWF’s YouTube channel:

Number of videos: 468

Frequency new videos are added: About four or five a week though it can vary.

Frequency full shows are added: Just about every week the channel offers a full shows worth of action even if it looks like some bits and pieces may be missing.

Total views of the most popular video: 15,530

MWF is a promotion based in Lincolnton, North Carolina that has been operating for over a decade and has had a YouTube channel since early 2009. Aside from sharing a name with what I and I’m sure thousands of other pre-teen boys called their play wrestling company back in the 1990s, the promotion doesn’t boast any huge stars, but instead features local talent. Some of the names that are currently being hyped the most are Keith Matthews, J-Prep and Hojo Devlin. The quality of the clips differ greatly from fairly decent to blurry and just plain crappy footage. The live experience is also recreated in part by a lack of commentary. Aside from a YouTube channel, MWF also has an official website. It may not be the most visually stunning website, but has a variety of sections including a forum that hasn’t been posted in since February.

A recommended clip:

The Perfekt Punk vs. J-Prep

The incredibly small crowd in attendance gives J-Prep a good reaction despite (or perhaps because of) the fact he looks like the love child of this man and this man. The Perfekt Punk on the other hand looks less like Mr. Perfect and more like someone tried to clone Kevin Steen, but then got skimpy on the body fat. Punk declares himself the heel of this match before the bell even starts by blindsiding his bulbous bottomed  opponent with some kicks. J-Prep quickly fights back and before long J-Prep is smacking Punk with his ass to a gratuitous extent. J-Prep further humiliates Punk at one point by lifting Punk’s shirt then teasing a chopfest before giving him some playful tummy touches and then laying down a hard smack. J-Prep then does the playful touches/hard smack spot again!  The crowd loves it…for some reason.

Punks looks threatening for a few more brief instances when he gets the upper hand over J-Prep when J-Prep misses a butt bump. Punk squanders his opportunity to look all that impressive when he lands a lackluster dropkick to J-Prep’s stomach then by request to J-Prep’s ass. There is a little more jaw jacking and jiggling from J-Prep before he gives Punk a stink face and finishes him off with a banzai drop. Not bad for the spawn of Rikishi and Dusty Rhodes!  After the match Punk makes an excuse that he wasn’t fully prepared for the match while J-Prep says the same thing, but adds it was because he didn’t have any fast food that day.

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