ISW Free Match Monday: Damian Murders Bamboo

by Daniel Johnson

Damian vs. Bamboo

This is an old school ISW clip from ISW Our Holiday Special, so the panda featured in this match is not El Hijo del Bamboo, who has so often been featured on this website, but instead his father (at least in kayfabe), the original Bamboo. Damian starts this clip out by giving a promo in French, which automatically makes him the heel. Hmm, I thought that only worked in the United States. Bamboo then hugs Damian, but gets attacked with shots to the face  and stomped. Damian then performs a snapmare into a series of submissions and some strikes in a corner of the ring. Bamboo is virtually defenseless as Damian further continues his assault with an Irish whip into one corner, a clothesline, stomp and top rope stomp.

Bamboo finally explodes with some slaps reminiscent of E. Honda from the Street Fighter franchise. Bamboo misses a big splash into the corner Damian is in and Damian hits two double knee attacks on Bamboo, but misses a third. Bamboo hits a couple of big splashes and eventually a banzai drop. Damian kicks out and lands some shots, but then Bamboo achieves a series of two counts.

For the finish, Damian finally polishes Bamboo off by landing some double knees on him from the top rope. After the match Damian grabs a mic and speaks more French. He then takes Bamboo to the balcony area and is shown brutally beating an off-camera Bamboo with a chair. At the very end of the clip Damian throws Bamboo off the balcony (or at least his costume) as fans in attendance mourn the fallen panda…and that’s why there’s no more Bamboo today.

Also, yesterday in celebration of their eighth anniversary the folks at ISW also uploaded three more clips: Stinky the Homeless Guy wrestling Zombified, Moohammad wrestling Flip D. Berger and Rikki Baddcliffe denying that his fathers are gay.

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