ISW Free Match Monday: Four in One

by Daniel Johnson

Izzie Deadyet vs. Bastian Snow vs. Beef Wellington vs. El Hijo Del Bamboo

This clip opens with El Hijo Del Bamboo rolling around the ring as “Yatta” by Happatai plays. Who doesn’t love that song? Before any blows are exchanged Bamboo also hugs the referee. How cute! As the bell rings Izzie Deadyet stalks Beef Wellington leading both outside of the ring. Meanwhile on the inside Bamboo mauls Bastian Snow with a big panda paw, sending Snow out of the ring. It looks like Snow won’t be harassing this panda again anytime soon. At least not sexually.

Deadyet and Wellington re-enter the ring leading to Deadyet hitting a spinebuster and the dead people’s elbow. I’d say The Rock can eat his heart out, but if anyone is going to be feasting on organs, it’s going to be Deadyet. There is then a submission spot involving all four performers when Wellington gets Deadyet in a headscissors, Bamboo puts Wellington in a headscissors and Snow locks the Boston crab on Deadyet. No one taps, but it does get a “Human Centipede” chant started.

All heck breaks loose until just Deadyet and Snow are left in the ring. Deadyet hits and clothesline and follows it up with two diving headbutts into a corner. Bamboo re-enters the ring and smacks Deadyet and Snow with his bum. Wellington re-enters and hits a massive German suplex off the ropes on Bamboo. All four men attempt to gain that elusive victory, but only Bamboo gets it after pouncing on Wellington from the ropes. A brief, but fun melee of a match!

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