30 in 30: PWA’s Channel

by Daniel Johnson


Hey chums! Prior to getting into today’s installment of 30 in 30 feel free to enter to win a copy of CM Punk: Best in the World on Blu-ray. For details go here. Also to discover more about 30 in 30 visit here.

The full Pro Wrestling Assault (PWA) YouTube channel can be found here.

Here are the facts about PWA’s Youtube channel:

Number of videos: 8

Frequency new videos are added: This channel shot it’s entire wad in one go. About six months ago new videos were being uploaded every few days or so, but none have been added since then.

Frequency full shows are added: No full shows have been added to date, but the promotion only had it’s first show in January 2013 so it is completely possible the channel will be revived and more videos will be added.

Total views of the most popular video: 2,132

PWA is a California based independent promotion and according to their rarely used Twitter account just had their first show on January 19, 2013. Perhaps the biggest name they have on their roster by the looks of their YouTube channel is Sheik Khan Abadi who has had some success outside of California and has even competed in IWA: Mid-South. Other than Abadi not a lot of names will be familiar to even the most hardcore independent wrestling fan. Yet, they include monikers such as “Mexican Werewolf” El Chupacabra so how bad could any of them really be? The footage is about fan cam quality and the eight matches on the channel all happened about six months ago. Matches range in length from under 10 minutes to a whopping bout over 20 minutes long featuring the aforementioned Mexican Werewolf. The promotion also has a Facebook page, which can be viewed here.

A recommended clip:

Sheik Khan Abadi vs. Brittany Wonder

Sheik Khan Abadi starts this match off by taking down “Ultra Girl” Brittany Wonder with some amateur style wrestling and humiliating her by slapping her in the back of the head repeatedly. Abadi taunts his hecklers and even does The Bushwhackers walk at one point. Heck, Abadi is so into heeling it up that you’d think he was working in Madison Square Garden rather than at a scarcely attended indie show. However, soon enough Wonder takes Abadi down and avenges her humiliation by smacking him in the back of the head in the exact same fashion. From there Wonder executes an airplane spin and follows it up with a lariat to the groggy Abadi.

As the match progresses the two go back and forth for a while and Abadi hits some safe, but super loud shots to Wonder’s face. After taking a suplex Abadi asks for a timeout and since this isn’t AJPW he doesn’t get it. Yet, Abadi still manages some cheap shots. Wonder only starts to really dominate when she hits four Rikishi-esque butt bumps in a row. I have a feeling Sir Mix-a-Lot would really like this match.

Abadi ends the encounter with an eye poke followed by a variation of sliced bread #2, getting the pin right in the middle of the ring. After the match Wonder ends the clip on a happy note by getting revenge on Abadi with a Samoan drop.

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