30 in 30: HCW’s Channel

by Daniel Johnson


Hey there wrestling fans! Don’t be a Buda-pest, vote for The Crown J here. Also, enter here to win a free  Blu-ray of ECW Unreleased Volume 2. Finally, to learn more about the 30 in 30 series go here.

The full Hungarian Championship Wrestling (HCW) YouTube channel can be found here.

Here are the facts about HCW’s YouTube channel:

Number of videos: 96

Frequency new videos are added: Updates can come in spurts. Sometimes five videos are uploaded one week and other times viewers are lucky to get one new video a month.

Frequency full shows are added: The channel features no full shows.

Total views of the most popular video: 8,468

European wrestling fans rejoice. HCW has an active YouTube channel that showcase some pretty talented wrestlers a lot of the world has probably never heard of. Some performers to look out for are current HCW Championship holder, Renegade, HCW Hardcore Championship holder, Ben Dover and Tengkwa. The channel features a variety of full matches from technical bouts to more high flying affairs to hardcore stuff. The channel is primarily in Hungarian, but features English popping up all over the place. Aside from matches, promos like this and hype videos like this are also presented. There is also some super random stuff on the channel such as El Generico making a cameo during the part of his career when he spun a globe and pointed to a random spot when deciding where to wrestle. The company ventures well outside of Budapest aka the one city in Hungary people throughout the world may have heard of, so there are some interesting crowds to say the least. In addition to their YouTube channel, the promotion also has a website, which again is mostly in Hungarian, but which can be easily translated online.

A recommended clip:

Nitro vs. Tengkwa

Prior to the match Tengkwa gives a promo in English in front of this Hungarian crowd and talks about how he is going to kick Nitro’s ass. Nitro comes to the ring with a whole posse consisting of partner Ted Wellington and valet Sexy Jessie. Sexy Jessie? Her name has no quotation marks or anything! I can only think of one other wrestling personality bold enough to indisputably declare themselves sexy.

As for the action, Tengkwa quickly gets Nitro in a front face lock and flips him over for a two count, but the cowardly Nitro retreats. The performers work on one another’s arms and Tengkwa is the victor in this. Tengkwa throws out some arm drags, a dropkick and a monkey flip before clamping on a Mexican surfboard. Nitro refuses to submit, but leaves the ring again, which leads Tengkwa to hit a planca on Nitro and Wellington. As Nitro re-enters the ring, Wellington blindsides Tengkwa and runs him into the guardrail. Tengkwa comes back into the ring and in his wary state, Nitro takes advantage of him. Nitro shoots a snot rocket on Tengkwa then delivers a suplex and a leg drop. One of the Hungarian commentators switches tongues to do a Hulk Hogan impression and says, “When it comes crashing down and it hurts inside, brother.”

After suffering further punishment, Tengkwa hits Nitro with a very feminine slap, but partially makes up for it by walloping Nitro with a sweet missile dropkick. Tengkwa follows this up with a flying elbow, but Nitro explodes with an Olympic slam. Nitro misses a frogsplash before briefly locking on a torture rack. Tengkwa wiggles out of Nitro’s grasp and hits a powerbomb and top rope cross body for what should have been a three count. However, Wellington and Jessie had the referee distracted. When the ref turns around Nitro has Tengkwa rolled up with a schoolboy and Wellington holds Nitro’s foot on the ropes to give the victory to the heel.

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