Gresham Wrestles Busick For the First TIme

by Daniel Johnson

Jonathan Gresham vs. Biff Busick

On paper going into this match, Jonathan Gresham and Biff Busick had losing records for Beyond Wrestling of -1 and -8, respectively. However, there is a reason for this as both are great at selling. Then again both are great at just about anything in the ring. The match is also a bit of a homecoming for Gresham who commentator Denver Colorado hypes up tremendously by pointing out in the roughly two years he has been away from BW, Gresham has wrestled all over the world.

There is a ton of fast pace mat wrestling to start this action from the CZW Academy. For example, Busick moves from a headlock to a full nelson to a head scissors smoothly and with barely a breather between moves. Gresham locks on a bow and arrow hold during his offense, but Busick just flips around for a cover. Gresham is the first to accelerate the speed of the match even faster with a dropkick. From there the two engage in a slew of two counts. Colorado counts the number of near falls as about 20 in a minute. Next, Gresham and Busick trade chops then Busick hits two super stiff looking European uppercuts. That will knock a touch out…or two! Gresham catches Busick on a third European uppercut attempt and backslides him for a count then the two engage in some more striking and more two counts.

In the final minutes of the match Gresham puts Busick in an ankle lock and smashes Busick with a German suplex that would make Karl Gotch proud. Busick delivers a big boot and a blockbuster, but Gresham just fights back with a beautiful hurricanrana then flips over Busick and kicks his arm. Busick lets loose with a German suplex of his own, but soon gets his arm wrenched by Gresham and submits.

Speaking of Busick, the folks at Beyond Wrestling also just uploaded this clip of Busick getting clotheslined to Hell by rapper Akrobatik. In other Beyond Wrestling news another clip has been released to promote their Armory Amore show, this one featuring JT Dunn and Dave Cole.

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