Beyond Wrestling: Biff Busick Debuts

by Daniel Johnson

Biff Busick vs. Taka Suzuki

With as many quality matches as Biff Busick has delivered for Beyond Wrestling it is tough to believe he didn’t debut for the promotion that long ago. This match from Beyond Wrestling Burst the Bubble features Busick’s first Beyond Wrestling match against Taka Suzuki, another high caliber performer who has been gone from Beyond for a while now.

The match starts with each man getting right up in his opponent’s grill. Busick pushes Suzuki up into a corner to strike the first blow. However, Suzuki is not going to just slump in the ropes and take it. Soon they are skull to skull and ready to strike it out…which is exactly what they do. Although each man hits plenty of wrestling moves throughout the match what really sticks out is the strikes. In particular one exchange towards the end sees Busick and Suzuki trading smacks then headbutts and finally full on shots to the face! For the finish Suzuki lands two kicks to Busick’s head then finishes him off with a variation of the Octopus hold! After the match Denver Colorado doesn’t need to speak for the performers because Suzuki gets right in the camera drops an f bomb and tells promoters to book him and Busick.

For some more of Biff Busick check him out taking on Jonathan Gresham and Jaka. Also, in more recent Beyond Wrestling news some new Beyond Wrestling preview clips can be found here and here.

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