Beyond Wrestling: Biff Busick Takes on Jaka

by Daniel Johnson

Biff Busick vs. Jaka

Beyond Wrestling’s Point of No Return is tomorrow and features Biff Busick in one of the show’s marquee matches. Jaka recently appeared in a marquee match at Beyond Wrestling’s previous show Americanrana where he took on top indie star Colt Cabana. Before any of this happened though Busick and Jaka wrestled in this match for AIW, which has since appeared on the Beyond Wrestling YouTube channel and features commentary from Denver Colorado.

Colorado mentions Busick is hot coming into this match having had a recent victory over Chuck Taylor. Busick executes some nifty armdrags then leaps to the top rope and hits a beautiful dropkick in the opening minutes of this match. Jaka uses a more grounded stye for the majority of the bout, but at one point lands an incredible looking crossbody from off the top rope. Busick hits a a blockbuster that puts Buff Bagwell to shame, but this only gets a two count. Jaka fights back and attempts his jaws of the jaguar submission, but Busick wiggles out of it. Jaka stays on the offensive and hits a double chokeslam into a powerbomb then clamps on the jaws of the jaguar. This time Busick does not escape and it is sleepy time for Busick.

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