Ethan Page Interview

by Daniel Johnson


Photo Courtesy of Ethan Page

Interviewer’s Note: “All Ego” Ethan Page has a good enough reason as any to have an ego. Page has wrestled for a slew of major independent promotions including ROH, IWA: Mid-South and CHIKARA. Page’s first home promotion was New School Wrestling (NSW) in his native Canada. Today, he considers Absolute Intense Wrestling (AIW), All American Wrestling (AAW) and Alpha-1 Wrestling (A1W) to be his home promotions. At AIW, Page is notably the current holder of the AIW Absolute Championship. Prior to wrestling Page trained in martial arts and earned two black belts in Wado-ryu and Taekwondo. Page can be followed on Twitter @ethanpage89, has a website here and has merchandise for sale here. This interview was completed on August 22, 2013. In this interview Page and I focus on his background in martial arts.

Daniel Johnson: My first question is in a nutshell how would you describe yourself as a performer?
Ethan Page: More of an entertainer than a “wrestler.” I can adapt to the whole “high impact, fast paced” indie style and have to stay alive, but Id rather have a mic in my hand and the crowd eating out of my hands.

Daniel Johnson: Before wrestling I have read that you had a background in martial arts training. How did you first get interested in martial arts?
Ethan Page: My dad pretty much signed me up when I was 4 years old and made me stick with it until I was about 16. Ironically enough, I enjoyed the performance of a pattern or kata more then actually sparring. Entertainment/performance is more than physical combat haha.

Daniel Johnson: Cool, also wow I had no idea you started that young. What was it like training at such a young age? Do you remember how training started off?
Ethan Page: Yeah. They baby you. But the real training was at my house haha. My dad was an awesome teacher. They’d teach you the techniques and the basics, but my dad taught me how to add personality and flair. Plus, he made me a good and aggressive fighter too. I don’t really like MMA or martial arts much in today’s day, mostly because it is a fad and “cool” but I appreciate the character it builds and the morals and discipline it can offer a young person.

Daniel Johnson: You mentioned training until 16. What is the extent of your martial arts training as in what different arts did you work in and what were you able to achieve in them?
Ethan Page: Two black belts. One in Wado-ryu  and one in Taekwondo.

Daniel Johnson: What was the most difficult milestone you were able to achieve in your martial arts training? Also, did you prefer Wado-ryu over Taekwondo or vice versa?
Ethan Page: Taekwondo was full contact, no head gear, non-stop for sparring. Wado-ryu karate was a point system. Get a point, you stop. I preferred the resting haha. And biggest milestone, I was training for the Olympics with Team Canada but quit to become a wrestler to kind of shove it to my dad. I wanted to do something I loved, instead of him. I’ve got 20 plus first place trophies that are five plus feet tall in my house. Those should count as milestones. I Guess.

Daniel Johnson: Wow, that’s awesome that you trained for the Olympics though I can understand why you didn’t go through with it. Still, I’m curious what year did you train for the Olympics and how far away were you from competing in them?
Ethan Page: Pretty far. I was just about to try out for team Canada. I just backed out.

Daniel Johnson: Cool, would that have been for the 2006 Summer Olympics then or am I off?
Ethan Page: I think so yeah. Around there. That’s when I quit and sought training for wrestling.

Daniel Johnson: Are there any other wrestlers you have worked with who also had martial arts training? Are there any you have worked with that have been even more heavily into martial arts than yourself?
Ethan Page: Not that I recall. I kind of keep my martial arts background out of my career. I don’t think they’re relatable. I’m here to entertain people, Not challenge them or hurt them. I mean, the training helped a lot! It helped me keep my balance, precision with strikes and agility in the ring.

Daniel Johnson: Outside of martial arts did you have any other athletic background prior to becoming a wrestler?
Ethan Page: High school football, rep soccer as a goalie, not much else though. I was three lead characters in high school musicals haha and I’ve been on the cover of a board game, extras in a couple of movies. I always liked being on camera or the focal point.

Daniel Johnson: What do you think the importance is of having an athletic and performance background prior to wrestling? How do you think things would have been different for you if you were missing one of the two?
Ethan Page: Yeah, I think both really helped me pick it up faster. But no matter what, the best teacher in wrestling is time and experience. Some people have been wrestling for 10 plus years and still don’t get it.

Daniel Johnson: When you knew you wanted to make the leap into wrestling how did you go about finding a school to get trained. I believe you are originally from Ontario was it tough to find a school at all there?
Ethan Page: I backyard wrestled with a buddy who found a school, so I went where he went. The school absolutely sucked! But they had a ring! So it was a start. I learned more traveling with Michael Elgin to IWA: Mid-South and just traveling in general.

Daniel Johnson: Who have been some of your trainers and who would you say had the biggest impact on developing you into the wrestler you are today?
Ethan Page: Elgin is one for sure. Adam Flash helped me out a lot too. But little bits here and there. From everyone around North America

Daniel Johnson: Do you remember your first match at all? If so what memories stick out from it?
Ethan Page: I remember it sucking haha, but not knowing at the time because I was so excited. I wore used boots, volley ball knee pads and my mom’s kickboxing shorts haha.

Daniel Johnson: Haha, what do you consider to be your first home promotion and do you still consider it to be your home promotion? How did you get involved with that company?
Ethan Page: My first home promotion was NSW in Hamilton/Mississauga. Run by Steve Brown. I was the general manager and backstage interviewer. I ended up starting training and then Joined as an active wrestler. Now my home promotions are AIW, AAW and Alpha-1 Wrestling.

Daniel Johnson: Were you already trained as a wrestler when working for NSW or did you have your general manager and backstage interviewer roles prior to being ring ready?
Ethan Page: It was before I finished my training I guess.

Daniel Johnson: How do you feel you have grown as a wrestler since your early years?
Ethan Page: Experience is key. The more I travel the better I get. I’m still young though.

Daniel Johnson: Who came up with your nickname “The Motion Picture.” Also what do you think of this nickname?
Ethan Page: I did. Only because it flowed nice with “Page.” Picture and Page sounded good together.

Daniel Johnson: Perhaps the biggest promotion you have worked for to date has been ROH. How did you first get involved with the company?
Ethan Page: Just dark matches haha. When I get a paycheck, then ill say I worked with them.

Daniel Johnson: What are your thoughts about how much ROH has grown since it was first founded? Also, do you have any plans to perform more for the company in the immediate future?
Ethan Page: They are moving forward and getting bigger. It’s great! Hopefully I’ll get to work with them very soon. I think it’s the next logical step.

Daniel Johnson: Over the course of your career you have had some fairly long title reigns. What do you believe has been your most significant reign to date?
Ethan Page: Current reign as AIW Absolute Champion. Let’s see how long I can keep this bad boy!

Daniel Johnson: Are there any promotions you have yet to work for that you would like to? If so then what are they?
Ethan Page: PWG, CZW, EVOLVE and DGUSA.

Daniel Johnson: What is the furthest you have ever wrestled from home and are there any far away places you would like to wrestle?
Ethan Page: Florida was the furthest and I want to work in Europe! That’d be awesome!

Daniel Johnson: What are some short-term goals you hope to accomplish in the immediate future?
Ethan Page: Keep my buzz going. I don’t want to drop the ball while so many eyes are on me.

Daniel Johnson: Do you have any long-term goals? Where would you like to see yourself in five years?
Ethan Page: WWE, on TV wrestling.

Daniel Johnson: I also had five non-wrestling related questions that I like to ask everyone. What television shows do you like to watch these days?
Ethan Page: The Fresh Prince of Bel Air on DVD and X-Men cartoons.

Daniel Johnson: What was your favorite movie that came out this year?
Ethan Page: 2 Guns was great.

Daniel Johnson: What food did you try for the first time this year that you liked the most?
Ethan Page: Some Indian food my girlfriend made me eat. It was delicious.

Daniel Johnson: What is your favorite song that came out this year?
Ethan Page: “I Am a God” by Kanye West.

Daniel Johnson: What is the last book you read and would you recommend it?
Ethan Page: The Amazing Spider-Man: Danger Zone.

Daniel Johnson: I had just four more questions left. What is the weirdest part of being a professional wrestler?
Ethan Page: Shaving my legs.

Daniel Johnson: Who is one wrestler 25 or younger that you think readers should know about?
Ethan Page: Johnny Wave.

Daniel Johnson: Is there anything you would like to promote?
Ethan Page: Twitter: @ethanpage89. Website: Merch:

Daniel Johnson: Is there anything you would like to add?
Ethan Page: Make me famous. I deserve it. #allego

Check out Ethan Page in action! Page goes all out in this submission match against Ashley Sixx for A1W:

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