A Look at the New NWA World Heavyweight Champion

Just a few days ago “The Tokyo Monster” Kahagas surprised the independent wrestling world by winning the recently vacated NWA World Heavyweight Championship. For those who haven’t been following the story surrounding the title, Adam Pearce left the NWA and resigned in effect relinquishing the title. This stemmed from a dispute Pearce had with the company when the NWA refused to allow him to defend the championship against Colt Cabana in Australia. Kahagas then earned the title at the Wrath of Champions event put on by NWA Dangerous Adrenaline Wrestling Gladiators (NWA DAWG).

As the above match shows prior to winning the NWA World Heavyweight Championship, Kahagas had experience as an NWA title holder, serving as the NWA National Heavyweight Champion. Jeremy Wyatt, who at the time held the Metro Pro Wrestling Heavyweight Championship and the NWA Central States Heavyweight Championship, attempts  to add a third belt to the mix in this battle from Metro Pro Wrestling (MPW).

Wyatt is a natural heat magnet and picks on Kahagas by using Engrish. Kahagas is a serious character and responds with strikes. It isn’t long before “The Tokyo Monster” gets Wyatt in the corner and begins a chopfest! Wyatt cuts him off after only two and begins to target his Asian attacker’s left arm. Kahagas fights back and even manages to get in those additional chops that Wyatt prevented earlier. Wyatt gets in control for a while, but Kahagas brawls out of it with some sharp kicks and a sloppy full nelson slam. Kahagas nearly murders Wyatt in the corner causing the heel to become desperate. The competition ends with Wyatt getting disqualified after using Kahagas’ kendo stick.

It isn’t over yet! Wyatt slaps a crossface on Kahagas, but MPW regular Michael Strider comes in to attack Wyatt. Wyatt has backup and is able to escape with the aid of The Kansas City Killers, Mark Sterling and “Showtime” Bradley Charles.

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