Worthy of a “You’ve Still Got It Chant” in Japanese

Here is a super weird battle between Jushin “Thunder” Liger and TAKA Michinoku that took place in NJPW last year. Despite the big names involved the entirety of the bout is shot using one camera. With both competitors moving up in age they will need to keep adapting their styles to stay active and this match shows an effort to do just that. There are no over the top rope planchas to the outside, ridiculous flips or suicide dives. In fact instead of Liger flying around like a cartoon character there are hardly any aerial maneuvers at all.

In the early going Liger contorts TAKA in such a way that he more closely resembles a pretzel than a former WWF Light Heavyweight Championship holder. The Kai En Tai veteran fights back and Liger does some whacky selling. TAKA taps Liger with a light kick on the shin, but Liger sells it like a devastating nut shot. Immediately after this the match spills outside and Liger is selling an arm injury for some reason. Back inside Liger takes control of the encounter once again and performs the only top rope moves in the match. First he hit a hurricanrana on TAKA then he follows it up with a frog splash. TAKA soon after ends this exhibition in under 10 minutes with a Michinoku driver!

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