The Ample Breasts of Player Uno

Here is an older ISW Championship match, a three way featuring reigning champion Player Uno, Stinky the Homeless Guy and Zombified. The reason there is no title belt featured in this clip is because even back then Kevin Steen was a bad dude and took the strap from Uno.

There is a ton of action in this fight with a chopfest breaking out when  Stinky gets Uno in the corner for some chops to his ample chest and ample breasts to paraphrase the commentator. It makes one think what Uno must have thought of that when he watched this match later on. No one wants to be thought of as the “ample breasts” guy. Well, maybe Big Daddy V, but that’s it! Anyway, there is a triple chop battle going back and forth later on. A tad down the line Player Uno pays Stinky back for the attack on his breasts with the goomba stomp. Goomba? Goomba! Stinky nails Uno almost immediately after with a stink bomb. Zombified is still in this match and breaks up the cover. Zombified hits a top rope elbow then tries to tackle Stinky, but flies out of the ring and into a heating duct. Back inside Uno rolls up Stinky for the victory.

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