Beyond Wrestling: Marconi Attempts to End Corvis

by Daniel Johnson

Eric Corvis vs. TJ Marconi

One week ago Beyond Wrestling Tournament for Tomorrow II rocked Fete Music in Providence, Rhode Island. Two of the undercard workers at the event were veterans of Beyond Wrestling, Eric Corvis and TJ Marconi. Aside from helping that card be as awesome as it could be, a few months ago they also headlined a Beyond Wrestling taping at the CZW Academy in the match seen above.

Denver Colorado gives the back story that TJ Marconi is irate at Chris Dickinson going into this match and wants to butcher anyone associated with Dickinson including Corvis. Colorado also talks about how Marconi had returned fairly recently after having a major back injury. Despite all this Marconi is still willing to open the match up with a handshake, which Corvis takes advantage of by stomping Marconi’s foot. Marconi does not let Corvis dominate without some opposition and uses his superior size by doing such things as knocking Corvis down with a shoulder block, hitting a sidewalk slam and at one point even splashing Corvis as he is against the garage door of the CZW Academy. Although Corvis is far from the smallest man on the Beyond Wrestling roster, he fights back with some fast paced moves including a diamond dust, a frogsplash and a second rope moonsault. This is not that surprising because Corvis is no stranger to executing some aerial offense.

Yet, in the end Marconi stands tall (then again he always stands tall). Marconi nails Corvis with a cutter on the cement floor then hits emerald fusion from the top rope to the ring apron before rolling Marconi in for a three count.

In other Beyond Wrestling news there are a bunch of new clips available from the aforementioned Tournament for Tomorrow II. Clips include Jaka breaking his silence, Eddie Edwards and Biff Busick talking after their iron man match, Tommaso Ciampa getting blinded by some green mist and the closing speech of The Crown J winner of 2012, “The Juice” JT Dunn.

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