PPW: Rionne McAvoy at SHOWDOWN

by Daniel Johnson

Rionne McAvoy vs. Australian Wolverine

Pacific Pro Wrestling (PPW) had their eighth event of the year, PPW SHOWDOWN exactly one week ago today. The penultimate match of the show featured Rionne McAvoy taking on the masked Australian Wolverine in a brief, but fun encounter. If you are unfamiliar with McAvoy then probably the most important thing to know about him is that he has recently been making a name for himself in Wrestling New Classic (WNC), the Japan based promotion of former WWE star Yoshihiro Tajiri. There McAvoy is known  as Rionne Fujiwara. In this clip though as his opponent’s name suggests, McAvoy is back home in Australia.

Despite the match being just under nine minutes long, it has a fairly extensive feeling out process where there are all the standard opening moves for a match as laid out in Professional Wrestling 101 such as a front face lock, a wristlock and a headlock. McAvoy kicks the bout up a gear after hitting an armdrag, which sends Wolverine retreating to the outside. McAvoy then attempts to jump out of the ring, but instead takes a shot to the face. As Wolverine is laying into McAvoy, he goes for McAvoy’s eyes in quite the heelish manner. Still, Wolverine can’t stop McAvoy rebounding, which he does with a spinning DDT from the top rope to the floor. Despite Wolverine hitting a dragon screw and later punching at McAvoy’s leg like a fiend, McAvoy is unstoppable. Wolverine then gets hit with a CM Punk like knee to the face and bulldog. From there it is just a short while before McAvoy hits a STO and forces Wolverine to tap with a triangle choke variation.

Once McAvoy finishes up with Japan, it will be interesting to see if he ever tours the United States extensively. At any rate some of his countrymen are already in the US just waiting for new opponents.

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