Jacks are Wild

by Daniel Johnson

Jack Bonza vs. Jack Verville

Australia is a land known for many things: kangaroos, The Coca-Cola Kid, that promo and hopefully in the dreams of at least one young man, someday for Jack Bonza. Bonza is apparently from the part of Australia with weather similar to Siberia. Look at that pasty skin! When Kevin Nash used the term “vanilla midget” to refer to wrestlers who were not big, hulking masses, I don’t think he had Bonza in mind.

Enough jibber jabber, let’s take a closer look at this one. Bonza starts off after some stalling by rolling Verville up and getting a two count. Bonza works on Verville’s left arm and Denver Colorado plays up Bonza’s Greco-Roman wrestling style.

Verville finally lands some offense and even tries a variation of Chris Jericho’s pin using one foot. Bonza kicks out, Verville hits a facebuster and Bonza momentarily changes the tide with a suplex. Bonza rolls outside and Verville hits a suicide dive, but grabs his knee right afterward. Apparently Verville learned his aerial offense from Ric Flair because back inside he is sent crashing down to the mat from the top by a gutwrench suplex. Verville sells it like a champion!

The two trade a variety of strikes and the fight continues until Verville viciously finishes Bonza off by planting Bonza’s head into the mat.

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