The Best Worst Promo of 2013

by Daniel Johnson

Editor’s Note: AAW Removed the original video since this was first posted, but you can see the full unedited promo in all it’s glory  by clicking here.

Bree vs. Pandora

This is a promo so bad that you have to think that it was not intended to be made for professional wrestling. In order for me to keep some faith in humanity I have to believe that much like the folks at Ultimate Boneyard Wrestling, the people behind Australia’s All Action Wrestling (AAW) and this promo were instead creating performance art.

Let’s take a closer look and really interpret this clip. Bree opens it by declaring that she is going to win the AAW Women’s Championship before saying “yeah” in a manner that shows her complete lack of enthusiasm. She is then immediately confronted by Pandora. The name “Pandora” is significant because like in the story of the mythical Pandora, the box containing all the evils of the world has been opened. Oddly enough it is Bree who is the one doing the opening. Her lack of enthusiasm first unleashes Pandora, who represents the sin of lust as is evident by her eventually undressing Bree. Next, Orlando Jordan appears. As shown through his WWE tenure he represents all of the remaining sins including sloth, pride and being a member of JBL’s Cabinet.

So what have we learned from this? Clearly, that a lack of enthusiasm will destroy any goals that someone sets for himself or herself before he or she even get a chance to attempt them. Either that or I got into the stash of the AAW booker. If the latter is true then it would certainly explain why there is already a music video remix of this clip, which is an honor given to many a wrestling meme. If that is a case then let me apologize for the above rambling by posting a halfway decent wrestling clip from ROH:

Christopher Daniels vs. Matt Cross

Hopefully, the sheer athleticism of these two eases the pain somewhat.

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