A Smoking Hot Promotion

by Daniel Johnson

Kai Katana vs. VSK

NWA On Fire is one of the hotter NWA promotions out there (moderate wordplay intended) and that is at least partly because of the variety of emerging talent they showcase. From Buzz Bloodsaw to these two upstarts.

At first glance Kai Katana could be waved off as a ripoff of The Great Muta. However, like I’ve discussed before waving off a young wrestler because they are a ripoff, especially a ripoff of The Great Muta, is silly.

Instead if we look beneath the surface then there is some good stuff to be found. Kai opens the bout with a kick to VSK’s gut that establishes him at least slightly as a heel. VSK plays off of this by doing some crowd pleasing high spots such as his crossbody over the top rope. He also hits a running European uppercut that would make Antonio Cesaro proud. Of course, before the bout is over Katana delivers some classic Muta moves including the shinning wizard and a moonsault attempt. This sets up the finish of the fight, which is VSK putting Katana in a fireman’s carry position then double kneeing him in the stomach. Having his opponent get the wind sucked out of him  is not enough for VSK so he finishes him off with a super kick.

While nitpicking fans may complain about details like Katana overselling a bit and there being little psychology behind the action these guys are certainly worth watching again.

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