A Wrestling Rom Hack and a Wrestling Hacker

Harry Wrestle: Panic Restaurant Rom Hack

I’ve been getting some positive feedback about the more random videos I’ve featured on this blog. The above clip may just change that. It is a rom hack from someone who apparently really liked Harry Potter, Panic Restaurant and wrestling. Unfortunately for us the only thing this hack has to do with wrestling is the rom hack’s name: Harry Wrestle. Unless Harry Wrestle is it’s own franchise that I’m unaware of that is not related to Harry Potter nor wrestling. Yet, when I investigated this the search engine I used only suggested “harry wrestlers” and things kind of devolved from there.

Anyway, speaking of wrestling and rom hacks here is a match featuring a hacker who moonlights as a wrestler:

Scotty O’Shea vs. Joey Kings

This action comes courtesy of Deathproof Wrestling, but don’t let the name fool you. Quentin Tarantino has nothing to do with the promotion. Although it does look like this match took place at the filming location of an Eli Roth movie.

Before looking at the actually match it is worth observing Deathproof Wrestling for the unique package that it is. It’s like some promoters who actually had an idea how to run a promotion decided to run a backyard federation for whatever reason. The guys in charge of Deathproof embrace the small-time indie vibe of it all big-time. Just check out a comment the person in charge of their YouTube channel left when a user said there was only 10 people in the crowd: “Actually 22. The concept of Deathproof happened on a Tues, and then 5 days later it was baptized in stiff hits, hybrid maneuvers, and broken glass.”

Getting into the meat of the content there is a brief vignette prior to the match that shows the hacking Scotty O’Shea on his laptop. Upon finding Deathproof Wrestling’s website he declares, “Why fight it when you can hack it?” The match itself has some decent spots including O’Shea springing off the ropes to kick a chair in Kings’ face and a lionsault from O’Shea. Kings finishes it bluntly like a butcher rather than carefully like a surgeon when he launches O’Shea into a chair set up into the corner before ending it completely with a release powerbomb variation. He goes onto to celebrate with his manager, Emanuel Melo and with the members of his stable, The Entourage, which may or may not actually exist.


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