A Potentially Moo Ending Match

by Daniel Johnson

Moohammad vs. Flip D. Berger

This is a feud ending match and a potentially moo ending match because it comes with the stipulation that the winner gets to cook the loser. Yes, the drugs at ISW were good in 2008. The holy cow starts this match off by charging Berger only for the action to soon spill outside and for Berger to attempt an assault with a plunger. Hmm maybe it is the same one used by future WWE Hall of Famer T.L. Hopper.

Berger fails in his attack and instead gets a DDT on a chair followed by the plunger getting shoved in his face. The two are just ripping into each other for a while until Flip suplexes Moohammad on the stage near ringside and throws his opponent back in. Flip keeps the momentum going by letting loose with two super thin cake pans. Where’s Crash Holly when you need him? The cow then grabs Flip south of the border with some salad tongs and follows it up with an attitude adjustment on a tiny wastepaper basket. Moohammad further evokes John Cena by shouting, “you can’t milk me” and laying in another blow.

Finally, some Lego pieces are brought out and Moohammad stomps Flip face first into them. Berger eventually makes a comeback by slamming a Lego contraption into Moohammad and goes onto almost get the victory a short time later. What stops him? Well, check out the clip!

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