The Bella Twins on the Indies

by Daniel Johnson

J-Busta vs. Anthony Greene

I hate to describe matches in cliches, but the old phrase all sizzle, no steak applies perfectly here. Some may argue that the Bella Twins being released from WWE last year was good because it meant that they would no longer appear on WWE television each week. Those fans may want to avoid their work in Connecticut Wrestling Entertainment (CTWE) where they bring the complete Bella schtick to the promotion. That schtick consisting of their sibling rivalry, cutting pointless promos and often being better described as part of the set rather than performers.

Yet, at least with the Bellas those in attendance get to see two former WWE employees. This match is mercifully short and features J-Busta in a full-on player gimmick taking on an attempt at a Danny Davis for this generation, Anthony Greene. Nikki Bella accompanies the former and Brie Bella the latter. J-Busta starts the bout off with a dropkick and does some standard heel work by choking Greene on the ropes. Before long Greene hits a dropkick of his own and later on hits a big back body drop. Greene looks set to win after delivering some clotheslines, but Stevie Stamos, the manager of J-Busta, breaks a bottle over Greene’s head. Post-match Brie predictably turns on Greene.

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