A Loser Wears a Polka-Dot Bikini Match

by Daniel Johnson

Anthony Greene vs. “Showtime” Stevie Stamos

Anthony Greene and “Showtime” Stevie Stamos are no strangers to each other and their feud has even included the involvement of current WWE superstars, The Bella Twins, Nikki Bella and Brie Bella. Yet, this match from CTWE Campground Chaos 2013 has quite the unique twist to it as the loser must wear a polka-dot bikini.

This is actually Stevie Stamos’ first singles match and he uses plenty of stalling before he has to hit a move or take a bump. The kids in the audience really get at him for this and I swear at one point one of the kids even shouts, “stop jiggling.” If only Stamos had listened. Anyways, with his weight advantage Stamos is able to easily push Greene down and dominates the match. However, the kids in the audience chant for Greene to punch Stamos, which he never really does aside from a light shot to the bread basket. With virtually no strikes from Greene, Stamos at one point even manages a decent looking Stinger Splash. Hmm, I wonder if Sting ever fought in a loser wears a polka-dot bikni match.

Toward the end of the match Stamos lays in some incredibly soft chops and then charges at Greene in the corner only to be met with Greene’s foot being put in his face. Greene knocks Stamos down, dropkicks him, slams him and gets a two count. Stamos fights back, but as he is arguing with the ref gets rolled up by Greene for the loss.

If you are really interested in seeing Stamos in a bikini then feel free to play hide and seek on their YouTube Channel to find the footage. Pervert.

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2 replies

  1. Anyone can give me a link to where he wears the bikini?


  1. The CTWE Shooting Star Championship on Cruise Control | The Johnson Transcript

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