Briscoe vs. Briscoe in 2007

by Daniel Johnson

Mark Briscoe vs. Jay Briscoe

What poor luck! I just announced that an analysis of the clips uploaded for ROH Throwback Thursday would be a new weekly feature on the site and ROH immediately stops doing ROH Throwback Thursday! Or at least they stopped it for this week. Oh well. As long as ROH has old matches on their YouTube channel, Transcriptonians can enjoy the same kind of analysis for JT Throwback Friday.

This clip features the third match that Mark Briscoe and Jay Briscoe had in ROH and is from the ROH 5th Year Festival. It was also the most recent match the two had before the brothers collided for ROH Best in the World 2013.

Three words describe this match: stiff, stiff, stiff!

For people who complain that the Briscoes work too roughly and just about beat their opponents to death…well they do the same to each other! The bout starts off with some mat wrestling, but the two are just pacing themselves. Soon Jay slams Mark on the unprotected floor outside of the ring and the two start exchanging devastating strikes.

Later on Jay nearly hits the Jay-driller, but Mark gets out of it and hits a kick reminiscent of AJ Style’s pele kick then Mark hits Jay with a slew of chops. In fact, Jay doesn’t actually hit the Jay-driller until his third attempt and even that doesn’t keep Mark down! Before the successful Jay-driller Mark also nearly decapitatesĀ  Jay when he uses Todd Sinclair as a stepping stool and flies onto Jay, knocking both men outside of the ring in the process. Yes, The Briscoe Brothers aren’t showing their soft sides in this one!

The bout finally ends after Mark hits a cutthroat driver and both men can’t answer the ten count rendering this match a draw by double knock out!

Speaking of The Briscoe Brothers remember those rumors about the brothers leaving and Jay Briscoe forfeiting the ROH World Championship? Well, that was complete malarkey!

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