Site News 7/1/13

Hey fellas and dames! It is with great excitement that I can officially announce that The Johnson Transcript is back on 100 percent full power! Technically the site was back on full power last month since it was updated every single day in June. Speaking of June updates, if you missed it check out the first new addition to the Smooth Runs section since January! Also, there is a piece in the Wrestling Lists section focusing on the potential of luchas de apuestas in WWE!

In preparing for the site being at full power I made an effort to improve something that I felt the site was lacking in: structure. The site can be kind of tough to follow as it is based on the broad premise of showcasing the best and worst wrestling has to offer with an emphasis on talent 25 years old or younger. To help make the site a bit easier to follow there will be certain updates planned for certain days of the week.

Beyond Wrestling has perhaps the best YouTube channel showcasing young talent today and they are constantly uploading new content. Because of this from now on every Sunday this site will feature analysis of whatever match they upload during the previous week that is most worth discussing as I can determine. Note: The match will not necessarily be the best match they upload during the week.

ISW and ROH have featured some incredible content lately with ISW Free Match Monday and ROH Throwback Thursday, respectively. As long as they keep doing so, analysis of these clips will continue to be featured the day after these uploads are made on Tuesday and Friday, respectively.

As a reporter I have to admit that I have buried the lede of this story a bit and saved the best for last (or almost last anyway). One of the most popular sections of the site will be returning for the first time in 2013 as starting this Wednesday additions will start being made to the Wrestling Interviews section. These interviews will not just be featured weekly either. Instead from now on two interviews will be featured each week with one interview published on Wednesday and a second published on Saturday.

In addition to this new set schedule of content for Sunday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday new content will still be added Monday and Thursday, but will not have regular features scheduled for these days. Also, there is always the possibility of multiple pieces being published on one day. For example, in addition to an interview being published on Wednesday there may also be some analysis of a wrestling clip. Likewise, on Friday in addition to an ROH match there may be a new entry in the Wrestling Lists section.

There is one drawback to the new schedule of the site. New additions to the Wrestling Reviews section and the roundtable discussions that were published prior to a few pay-per-views will most likely return, but are not currently planned to happen in July or in the immediate future. If one or both of these features return I will mention it in a future update.

Lastly, the voting for the Crown J will FINALLY begin on August 1, 2013 and run throughout the month! Mark my words: If the poll for the 2012 Crown J is not posted that day then it will NEVER be posted!

Anyway, Transcriptonians enjoy and send love/hate mail here!

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