20 Minutes of Cockstrong/Angel

by Daniel Johnson

Johnny Cockstrong vs. Mark Angel

Beyond Wrestling is based on the principal of emphasizing records rather than titles. With that said, going into this match two symbols of the company, the mighty Johnny Cockstrong and the dominant Mark Angel, worked to create the atmosphere of a big title fight. Tied at a record of 11 points each the two had a history of Angel doing whatever it took to win and Cockstrong becoming the unlikely, but lovable hero. Commentator Denver Colorado sums it up, “This is the one we’ve been waiting all weekend for.”

Angel starts off by smacking Cockstrong, but Cockstrong just smacks him right back. In a move that looks incredibly out of place in Beyond Wrestling, Cockstrong hits Santino Marella’s signature cobra finisher. Of course this doesn’t finish the match and Angel’s goons from Academy of Anatomy Nick Talent and AJ Evers interfere. Cockstrong still manages to overcome the odds and orders the ref to eject Talent and Evers. Colorado really plays up the significance of the ejection noting it may be the first time in the history of the company it needed to be done.

As the match progresses a bunch of neat stuff happens like Angel slamming Cockstrong into a refrigerator. Eventually, the two are down on their knees, but still managing to slug it out. As Cockstrong looks to have some momentum going he rips off his shorts and exposes some leopard underpants (yes, you read that right). Unfortunately for Cockstrong, Angel nearly immediately catches him with a pop out spinebuster and follows it up with a single-leg Boston crab. Cockstrong taps in the middle of the ring and Angel now leads the company in points.

The match has an unusual and unique feeling as despite the humble setting the match still manages to feel epic.

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