Cockstrong Teased by Academy of Anatomy

by Daniel Johnson

Johnny Cockstrong vs. AJ Evers

A lot of the clips I post of Beyond Wrestling can seem like they take place in a void with no storylines going on, but only great in-ring action. Part of the reason for this is a lot of BW’s clips are just that, the matches alone with no storylines mentioned or merely touched upon briefly. This clip is different in that it progresses the longstanding rivalry between Johnny Cockstrong and Mark Angel. Simultaneously, the clip allows Angel’s stablemates in Academy of Anatomy, Nick Talent and AJ Evers to shine.

If you’re unfamiliar with Talent and Evers, well Talent kind of looks like that guy who left Parks and Recreation and Evers has a less than phenomenal win/loss record for BW. Commentator Denver Colorado also plays up Evers suffering a severe concussion in a match with Cockstrong and noting Evers is in no shape to compete.

The match is short and not exactly sweet. Cockstrong tries to talk Evers out of wrestling while Talent and Angel egg him on. Eventually, Evers unloads with some punches. Most of Evers’s strikes are weak looking and unimpressive, but he makes up for it with a release German suplex. Cockstrong comes back and signals for a piledriver, but instead simply walks out, unwilling to play into the games of Academy of Anatomy.

The match is slightly reminiscent of The Genius defeating Hulk Hogan by countout. Speaking of Lanny Poffo I just remembered this picture exists.

Anyway, despite this loss the Cockstrong/Angel rivalry continues.

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