Keenan Gets One Over on Whitmer

by Daniel Johnson

Sterling James Keenan vs. BJ Whitmer

IWC’s Super Indy XII is now exactly one week away. In accordance with the laws of time this also means Super Indy II featuring the above match happened roughly 10 years ago. This was a while before Keenan got tattooed and toned and even longer before he changed his name to Corey Graves to work for WWE’s NXT.

The action erupts with strikes galore and BJ Whitmer hits a nifty looking dropkick. Whitmer follows this up with some stiff chops to Keenan, but ends up being planted on his head with a German suplex. Keenan then chokes Whitmer with a move called, the gaping lotus experience, which is similar to Yoshihiro Tajiri’s tarantula and can only be applied for five seconds.

Keenan isn’t done using the ropes yet and tries an aerial assault, only to land right into a powerbomb. The two then exchange a variety of strikes before Whitmer gets a two count with a northern lights suplex and Keenan does the same with a shining wizard. The back and forth continues for a while before Keenan wins with a roll-up.

The winner of the tournament in 2002 would ultimately be Colt Cabana. Keenan would go onto hold the IWC Super Indy Championship twice in 2004 and 2005, respectively while Whitmer would not hold the Championship to date, but would have a variety of fun matches revolving around it.

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