CZW Bombshells and Results

by Daniel Johnson

Jessicka Havok vs. Navaeh

The CZW Bombshells were not featured at all at CZW’s Tournament of Death 12 yesterday. However, for those that are missing a bit of bombshell action the above clip offers a smidgen of it. And I really mean a smidgen. The match is short as heck, but at least it showcases Jessicka Havok and Navaeh somewhat. Denver Colorado helps call this match and points out that Havok is the current Women  Superstars Uncensored (WSU) Champion. In fact, as of this writing she is still having a monster run with it at 400+ days. Despite Havok’s size advantage, Navaeh takes her down quickly and works on her arm a bit. This causes Havok to get angry and charge, only to land hard on the outside. Navaeh jumps on her and starts throwing punches and Havok returns some strikes. Neither wrestler pays attention to the ref counting so both get counted out in a lame decision that Colorado correctly labels as such.

Fortunately for CZW fans, yesterday’s action had no such calls. Some highlights included Danny Havoc defeating Scotty Votekz in a 1000 Light Tube Match to win CZW’s Tournament of Death 12, Sami Callihan wrestling his last CZW match and next year’s event being announced as a “BJW vs. CZW” show. The full results are available at the ever reliable Wikipedia.

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