A Raw Match in Canada

by Daniel Johnson

Scott Justice vs. Adan Reyes

Relatively recently, C4 Wrestling in Canada re-branded itself as Primos Wrestling Canada (PWC). Unfortunately for one Puerto Rican youngster it was not Primo’s Wrestling Canada. The former C4 has had some quality stuff since it’s inception with wrestlers like Bret Hart, Kevin Nash and Colt Cabana having appeared for them. None of those wrestlers appear in the above clip. Nor is this a match from WWE Monday Night Raw, but the folks at PWC described it as “Raw” in the description so why not describe it as “Raw” here?

Scott Justice and Adan Reyes are two young lions who have worked the promotion. At first sight it appears Reyes has a bit of a belly on him which is then confirmed by a heckler yelling something about eating a baby. An Austin Powers reference? How timely. While there is a small crowd for the bout, they easily make it about 10 times more fun than it otherwise would be. As the two are exchanging wristlocks, one fan shouts to Justice, “rip it off and beat him with it.”

As the heel of the match, Reyes is entertaining in feeding into the hecklers. In reference to one fan shouting that his valet, Sierra Rose wrestles better, he yells back, “No, I wrestle better” in a masterful comeback.

Justice nearly puts Reyes away with a bulldog off the top rope, but Reyes’ valet distracts him and Reyes cold cocks Justice while yelling, “Eat my fist.” Reyes is rather entertaining in a Giant Tiger kind of way.

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