Last Year’s ISW Championship Change at Armageddocalypse

by Daniel Johnson

Twiggy vs. Izzie Deadyet

Some Transcriptonians may recall Twiggy gave this site an interview right before ISW’s Armageddocalypse event. At the show he defended his ISW Championship against the ghoulish Izzie Deadyet. Fortunately, this bout was just made available as part of ISW Free Match Monday.

Before the bout even begins properly Deadyet attacks Twiggy with some strung together toy babies, henceforth called, “dead babies.” Hmm, reminds me of a certain album cover of The Beatles. Twiggy fights back and starts whipping Deadyet with the babies. Twiggy and Deadyet fight all around the ring area during which Twiggy slams Deadyet against a chair, a garbage barrel and then puts the barrel on Deadyet and hits it with a chair. The fight finally goes back in the ring, but not before Twiggy hits a big back body drop on the outside.

Whereas Twiggy dominated outside, inside the squared circle Deadyet tortures him and even rams his head into Twiggy’s chest as Twiggy is slouched in one corner. Twiggy comes back after a top rope clothesline, but this only balances the match. The two trade strikes and after a series of super kicks, Twiggy gets a two count with a spinning DDT. Deadyet gets a two count with a chokeslam before finally winning via an assist when a female zombie interferes.

Deadyet’s reign of terror continues to this day!

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