The “Raining” ACW American Joshi Champion

by Daniel Johnson

Jessica James vs. Barbi Hayden

This match is from about two months ago hence the bad weather. The rain allows for a weird dynamic to the match as ACW Americhan Joshi Champion, Barbi Hayden appears to hate water more than a big old cat hates it. As such Barbi comes out with a towel, but puts it on one of the ring post before grappling with James. If this was WWE she would probably throw it out to the fans, but alas the budget of an indie wrestler.

Barbi sells the rain and needs to dry off after only a few seconds of wrestling. Barbi quickly enough gets shoved to the ground and signals for the towel to use again, but James stops her with two arm drags. Barbi fights back and gets a two count with a tilt-a-whirl slam, but James gives it right back and hits Barbi’s own DDT finisher for a two count.

The finish comes just after Barbi delivers a Mr. Perfect approved fisherman suplex…for two. James bounces back and locks on an octopus hold (or perhaps some variation of it), but Barbi lays down. Since James doesn’t release the hold, Barbi gets a three count. Fellow ACW wrestler, Athena is on commentary and points out it is “more bad luck” for James and Barbi looks surprised to be declared the winner. It is slightly reminiscent of CM Punk/John Cena from 2012’s WWE Night of Champions.

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