Stiff and Creepy

by Daniel Johnson

Jenny Sjodin vs. Holly Blossom

Since traffic for the site increased so much after yesterday’s post, I asked myself, “Why not feature another women’s match?” This one takes place in the long ago time known as March 2012. The Rock was getting ready to face John Cena in a “once in a lifetime” match, 21 Jump Street replaced The Lorax as the number one movie in the United States and over in England a round robin tournament was being held. Not just any round robin, but one where the winner got to face the FSW Women’s Champion.

This clip from FutureShock Wrestling begins with a list of Jenny Sjodin’s accomplishments being read off. What did she accomplish? Well, the list is so long I wouldn’t be surprised if, “died for our sins” was in there somewhere and I missed it. Anyway, the match features a bunch of mat wrestling, but unfortunately much of it is boring and uninspired. One of the commentators brings some entertainment to the clip by exclaiming, “oh stiff,” in a creepier way than I would expect from an English gentleman.

Finally, the bout comes alive when Holly hits two Stinger splashes as her sister Hannah Blossom cheers her on. She misses the third one though and it is back to mat wrestling, which actually starts to have some psychology behind it. Jenny targets Holly’s arm like some kind of hellish hound. To protect herself from the aggressor, Holly uses her speed and hits a dropkick, but misses a top rope crossbody. Jenny seizes an opportunity and defeats her with a Fujiwara armbar!

So who won the tournament and a chance to wrestle for the FSW Women’s Championship? Well, it doesn’t really matter because according to the FSW website, a wrestler named April Davids holds it and has since January 2012. I guess some things never change. So can we get 21 Jump Street back to number one at the box office?

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