ROH Debuts Throwback Thursday

by Daniel Johnson

Delirious vs. Matt Sydal

Yesterday, ROH debuted what I hope will be a new regular feature on their YouTube channel, ROH Throwback Thursday. I haven’t really seen anyone using the ROH Throwback Thursday hashtag, #ROHTBT on Twitter, but hopefully this doesn’t discourage the company from posting more quality clips. After all, YouTube has enough anomalies on it already like this extended scene from Canzo Empyrean.

Sydal shows off a lot of the high flying moves that would one day earn him big paychecks from WWE when he became Evan Bourne. The crowd eats it all up and wants to see him obliterate Delirious with a suicide dive about midway through the match. However Delirious disappears under the ring and crawls to the other side in an attempt to sneak up on Sydal, but Sydal just clocks him with a fist. Soon enough the tease for the high spot pays off as Sydal wallops Delirious with a suicide plancha over the top rope in the move of the match. Wait…did I say move of the match? Maybe I should have held my tongue because Sydal ends the bout with a beautiful belly-to-belly moonsault.

In all the years Shane Douglas was putting people away with belly-to-belly suplexes I wonder why he never thought to combine it with a moonsault? Actually, I know! He’s about twice the size of the nymph-like Sydal. To end this post on a quasi-related note it is worth mentioning the fact that today Shane Douglas looks vaguely like Ricky Gervais.

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