ROH Throwback Thursday: The Throwback that Wasn’t

by Daniel Johnson

Delirious vs. Jason Blade

ROH has yet to upload a new edition of ROH Throwback Thursday despite it now being Friday. Perhaps they are delaying new installments as part of some promotional strategy. After all there have been odder advertising techniques. Case in point, this clip for the abomination known as Canzo Empyrean.

At any rate here is match from ROH Dethroned featuring a man who appeared in the first ever edition of ROH Throwback Thursday, Delirious. He takes on New England talent, Jason Blade in what starts off as a scientific encounter that includes Delirious executing a headlock that seems to go on forever. When Blade bounces back he hits some beautiful armdrags and just as quickly as one could think it, the commentary team throws out a Ricky Steamboat reference. In fact, Blade looks pretty great throughout the match from his selling a suicide dive from Delirious to flipping over the top rope to a pair of belly-to-back suplexes. Howeverm Blade messes up a springboard into a crossbody attack though and of course the always understanding ROH crowd really lets him have it.

Delirious ends the encounter by wrestling Blade down and clamping on a cobra stretch, which Blade quickly taps to. All in all this is a swell little bout featuring Blade giving a surprising amount of offense given his spot on the card at the time.

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