Puro Flashback: Doering Runs From Sanada

by Daniel Johnson

Seiya Sanada vs. Joe Doering

Here is a match that makes it incredibly difficult to suspend disbelief. Neither Seiya Sanada or Joe Doering have the most toned bodies, but Sanada looks downright paunchy during parts of this match. Also, Doering is about half a foot taller than his opponent. Yet, fans are supposed to buy that Doering is running from Sanada at the beginning of this match. It may have worked if it was played off that Doering was just using mind games, but that kind of idea doesn’t factor into this clip at all.

At any rate once Sanada gets a hold of Doering, he punches him, dropkicks him then lands a plancha on him outside of the ring. On the outside the two ram each other into the guardrail, but Sanada stays in control. Back inside Doering actually gets some offense in with two brainbusters. Doering also hits a painfully weak looking punch that the Japanese fans would have every right to urinate on. Sanada comes back with a springboard dropkick and a good old fashion abdominal stretch, which he then turns into a pin for a two count. For the finish Doering hits a crossbody and puts Sanada in a powebomb position that immediately makes one think of Mike Awesome. However, like a David vs. Goliath match featuring Billy Kidman, Sanada turns it into a head scissors and then rolls Doering up for a victory.

In more recent Japanese wrestling news, “The Iron Man” Rob Conway has challenged Jushin “Thunder” Liger to a match for the NWA World Heavyweight Championship in NJPW.

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