Old School Flashback: Sgt. Slaughter Calls a Women’s Match

by Daniel Johnson

Madusa Miceli vs. Sheeba

This match from LPWA is sans one of the greatest parts of the company. Yes, there is no Jim Cornette to be found anywhere in this clip. There is no need to fear though as Sgt. Slaughter fills his spot! As for the match this was before the days of political correctness so white meat babyface Madusa Miceli gets cheered while Sheeba and her manager, Sheik Adnan Al-Kaissey needed to only have those names to get booed.

Madusa starts off the match with a disadvantage because Sheik grabs her and allows Sheeba to get some shots in. Madusa does not stay down long and hits an enziguri variation at which point Sgt. Slaughter chimes in with, “I taught her that one.” Can you imagine Sgt. Slaughter hitting a great enziguri?

As Madusa continues her assault she gives Sheeba a running knee to the stomach and a German suplex variation. Sheik interferes again and grabs Madusa only for Sheeba to accidentally hit Sheik with a clothesline. Back on the offensive Madusa hits a beautiful piledriver and a belly-to-belly suplex and then ends this chain of moves with an awkward kick, Sheeba gets in some offense of her own without Sheik’s help, but then Sheik pulls Madusa out of the ring. Madusa then starts running after Sheik and Slaughter says, “I wish I was chasing him myself.” Maybe, Slaughter would have caught him, but we can’t all be great enough to have our own GI Joe figure so Madusa fails to catch Sheik and gets counted out. Following this unjust call, the bad guys get their comeuppance as Madusa clears the ring.

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