Puro Flashback: Two Current Champions in the United States

by Daniel Johnson

Seiya Sanada vs. Satoshi Kojima

Just days ago Seiya Sanada defeated Austin Aries to capture the TNA X Division Championship at TNA/WRESTLE-1 Outbreak. Interestingly enough at the start of the year Satoshi Kojima captured another significant title primarily defended in the United States, the NWA World Heavyweight Championship.

Kojima is by far the more tested of the two with 16 more years in-ring experience than Sanada. That being said with this recent development Sanada’s career may eclipse that of Kojima as this continually rising star is even scheduled to wrestle at TNA Lockdown 2014 this Sunday. Although when all is said and done Sanada could be more highly regarded, this wasn’t always true.

Case in point this AJPW match from 2012. After some scientific wrestling between Sanada and Kojima that ends with Kojima switching from a chinlock to a headlock before knocking Sanada down with a shoulder block, Kojima really lets loose and beats the crud out of Sanada for the majority of this match. Really, in puro it is almost a rarity for one wrestler to so thoroughly dominate his opponent when the two are not wrestling a squash match. Also, from Kojima’s DDTing Sanada on the apron to Kojima nailing Sanada with a chopfest to Kojima closing out the bout with a vicious lariat, the fans are solidly behind Kojima.

Sanada’s career in TNA always has the potential to flop (after all the company screwed up big time using the best Japanese star in years, Kazuchika Okada). However, if Sanada flourishes it could open even more doors for proven Japanese wrestlers. Perhaps even the aging Kojima could get a shot beyond today’s NWA.

To check out more Sanada click here. For more Kojima click here.

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