Old School Flashback: The Heart Throb Wrestles The Gambler

by Daniel Johnson

The Heart Throb vs. The Gambler

This Pro Wrestling International (PWI) match sees The Gambler (no, not WCW’s Gambler) against The Heart Throb (no, not Antonio or Romeo).

As for the competitors even commentator “The Real Deal” RD Reynolds turns down his colleague “Dangerous D” Eugene Donaldson’s advice to help out The Gambler saying, “If he was a winner I would.” As for the other guy, The Heart Throb’s manager, Big Daddy comes out before his client and gives Throb a personal introduction by bragging about his sex appeal. The Heart Throb then enters to some nifty Right Said Fred music. Surely, at least The Heart Throb is the best wrestler to come out to that tune…or at least somewhere in the top 20. The Heart Throb completely dominates this match, but still feels the need to throw The Gambler outside at which point Big Daddy assaults him with a golf club behind the referee’s back. The Heart Throb then leaves the ring and throws The Gambler’s head against the ring apron, the ring post and finally hits him with a stool. This last move is done right in front of the ref, who seemingly just doesn’t give a crap. Back inside the ring The Heart Throb finishes his opponent off with a super slow clothesline and a DDT that is honestly quite decent.

After the match Big Daddy and his client give an interview. The two try to rile up this PWI TV crowd in Indianapolis, Indiana, but they just aren’t having it. Oh well, at least The Heart Throb gets to show off his ability to resemble a human Mr. Potato Head.

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