In Lieu of IWC’s Super Indy XII…Some RWA Action

by Daniel Johnson

Damien Black vs. Chris Dozer

Today, one of the best wrestling tournaments in the United States will be held, IWC’s Super Indy XII! If you’re not in Elizabeth, Pennsylvania for the event, don’t worry! Results will be posted on this website tomorrow. In the meantime enjoy this match from a different promotion, the RWA.

This contest held for the RWA Television Championship features Chris Dozer, one-half of the RWA Tag Team Champions, coming out with Manny Souza and RWA Television Champion, Damien Black coming out with the loudmouth, Chris Wolf. Wolf deals out some simple, but effective insults by saying, “This isn’t an eating competition” and “Unlike an eating competition this match is going to be pretty damn difficult for you” to the bulky Dozer. Black also spits out some venom by shouting to Dozer, “This is what happens when you have an injury prone partner who cries like a little bitch.”

Wolf is dead on with his insults and Dozer in fact looks like he just came from a buffet. However, looks can be deceiving as Dozer lifts Black up and gorilla press slams him with authority. Black does not stay down for long and punishes Dozer with kicks throughout the bout. The way Black obviously smacks his leg to make it look like he is hitting his kicks harder than he really is reminds me of WWE’s Test.

Speaking of WWE related things, the move of the match comes when Black nearly hits the ceiling (literally) and flips over Dozer for an RKO variation. However, Dozer comes back and then…yet more WWE inspired stuff! Dolph Ziggler’s music hits and three performers come out imitating Ziggler, AJ Lee and Big E Langston. This is odd enough to distract Dozer and allows Black to escape as he accepts a countout loss.

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