Michael Facade Wins Super Indy XII

by Daniel Johnson

Flippin’ Ain’t Easy vs. Aeroform

The above clip features two of the young talents who made it all the way to the finals of IWC’s Super Indy XII yesterday. Michael “The Bomber” Facade defeated Jason Gory (his partner in the clip) and reigning champion, Anthony Nese to capture the IWC Super Indy Championship. This title has long been a stepping stone for wrestling excellence with past tournament winners including Colt Cabana, Chris Sabin and Zema Ion and other past holders of the title including AJ Styles, Corey Graves and Low Ki.

As for this clip it comes from that long ago year 2010. Republicans took control of the United States House of Representatives, Toy Story 3 dominated the box office and The Miz was WWE Champion. Also, the team with our heroes on it had been christened “Flippin’ Ain’t Easy” because if we’re looking for a name of a high flying tag team in 2010 then who better to look to than Kama Mustafa?

Even in 2010 Facade and Gory had a lot of fanfare as the crowd goes nuts when they come from the balcony ready to defend the IWC Tag Team Championship. Their opponents, Aeroform consisting of Louis Lyndon and Flip Kendirck ensure there will be plenty of aerial assaults from both sides. Some impressive moves include a sweet looking trap DDT by Gory, a crossbody by Gory to Lyndon that lands Gory on the outside and Facade bouncing off the ropes from the apron to land a bulldog. All this is done before Aeroform even gets a chance to shine. When the team does Lyndon hits a moonsault from the top rope to the floor, Kendrick does the same with a shooting star press and back inside Lyndon hits a move with goodness knows how many revolutions in it.

Still, in the end Facade and Gory show they are great working together whether as partners or opponents. Toward the end of the match Facade picks one opponent up in a wheelbarrow position allowing Gory to hit codebreaker yet before Facade lets go he finishes the move by nailing a German suplex. The big finish is a double moonsault known as the buddy moonsault which allows Facade and Gory to retain their belts.

Whether teaming or feuding the future continues to shine for Facade and Gory.

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