Jake Crist Wins the CZW Wired TV Championship

by Daniel Johnson

Jake Crist vs. AR Fox

Here is a blast from CZW’s recent past. Jake Crist and AR Fox really leave it all out in the ring as they wrestle for the CZW Wired TV Championship at the 2011 CZW New Heights event. Fox hits the first high risk maneuver just moments into the match with a reverse direction Asai moonsault from the inside of the ring to the outside. Back inside Crist hits a killer crossbody from off the top rope and eventually puts AR down from a fireman’s carry position and follows that up with a second rope moonsault.

AR delivers a modified ace crusher a bit later and then hits four high speed moves in a row including a top rope dropkick, a suicide dive and a front flip plancha. AR then comes back into the ring only to be immediately hit with two suplexes, the first of which is from the top rope. Fox bounces back and hits a lo mein pain. Wait, what is this? Jake locks on a triangle chock right after he is planted on the mat. Still, Fox doesn’t give up and Crist looks bewildered.

The match continues and Fox performs a sick 450 rotation off the ropes to the outside, but gets nailed with a super kick. Back inside Crist rolls Fox up for the win and the title. Crist’s brother and tag team partner from The Irish Airborne, Dave Crist comes out to celebrate. Oddly enough over nine months later Dave would take the title from his brother at CZW Best of the Best XI.

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