The First Inter Species Main Event

by Daniel johnson

Mike Quackenbush, Skayde and Lance Steel vs. Excess, Damian and Kid Kamikaze

ISW sure has been spoiling their fans with ISW Free Match Monday. Let’s hope it never ends! This may be the company’s best addition to this new feature yet as this week’s clip goes way back to their first ever main event. CHIKARA marks and smarks alike can bask in the general presence of Mike Quackenbush as he watches his partner Skayde start the match and showcase a plethora of technical wrestling. The bout picks up further when Lance Steel is tagged in and his opponent’s attempt to chop him turns out to be less than fruitful. Finally, Mike Quackenbush tags in and hits moves ranging from a simple (but powerful) chop to folding his opponent up like a pretzel and dropping him on his head.

As for Excess, Damian and Kid Kamikaze, they operate as a somewhat well-oiled machine particularly when they all take part in hitting Steel with a spiked powerbomb. Speaking of oil just listen to that squeaking and creaking ring! That just can’t be safe! Anyway, before the ring breaks, the CHIKARA trio put on a submission demonstration that words fail to describe, but I’ll try anyway.  Quackenbush and Steel form a circle as they pull on their opponent’s legs before Skayde comes in and performs a standing submission in the center of it all. This does not last long, but it gives way to the finish which features Skayde and Steel doing twin planchas over the top rope. Meanwhile, the man responsible for CP Munk sets up for a vertebreaker, but instead twists his opponent allowing for a submission.

Some nifty moves in this spotacular match, but what else can be expected from the company that just innovated hitting wrestlers with fans?

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