One of the Last Appearances of The Road Warriors

by Daniel Johnson

The Road Warriors vs. The Ballard Brothers

The Fourth of July is a time to celebrate all things America. In that vein one of the greatest tag teams ever from the nation forged by the likes of Washington, Adams and Jefferson was The Road Warriors aka The Legion of Doom. Exactly 29 years ago today was the last time The Road Warriors held the NWA National Tag Team Championship, arguably their first significant title, when their fourth reign ended at the hands of Ron Garvin and Jerry Oates. Twenty-eight years later the good people at BTW uploaded this clip which features Road Warrior Hawk in one of his last appearances ever.

Shane Ballard and Shannon Ballard draw some major heat prior to the match when they pick on the Road Warriors as Road Warrior Hawk is said to be sick from food poisoning. Given that Hawk died such a short time later it is a little disturbing how much his illness is focused on in this clip. Road Warrior Animal wrestles most the match on his own and it is honestly not that great as there is a hefty amount of stalling. Yet, when the bout starts to get going Animal lifts each Ballard up over his head and slams them. He isn’t really doing a gorilla press slam, but more like that Patrick Swayze pose from Dirty Dancing before each slam.

For the finish the Ballards mange to get Animal trapped with a figure-four. However, Animal powers out and within moments hits a suplex on both Ballards, clotheslines one out of the ring and powerbombs the other. This leads right into a doomsday device for one of the team’s final wins. What a rush!

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