The CTWE Shooting Star Championship on Cruise Control

by Daniel Johnson

AJ Cruise vs. Alex Cypher

Since  traffic popped after the last time I posted a CTWE clip I figured I’d post another one. This match from Bethany Battle 2013 between two young lions is for the CTWE Shooting Star Championship, which is a pretty awesome name for a title. Unfortunately, before the match AJ Cruise cuts a not so awesome promo that is as uncomfortable to listen to as he must feel giving it. That’s okay though, not everyone can be the best promo guy. Plus, he looks vaguely like Christopher Daniels so he should get some leeway.

Challenger Alex Cypher has his manager, The Mastermind with him, which comes in handy for him because as soon as Cruise goes to the top rope, Mastermind pushes Cruise making him land on his nuts. This doesn’t deter Cruise for long as soon enough he hits a missile dropkick followed by a modified version of the codebreaker, which makes Cypher exit the ring. As Cypher attempts to catch his breath Cruise charges at him with a suicide dive. Back inside there is a little more back and forth action before Cruise ends it with a decent looking 450 splash.

After the match Cruise cuts another promo and this one sounds completely like robotic. But again, we should give him some leeway because he looks vaguely like Christopher Daniels.

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