The ISW Burger King of the Ring 2013 is Coming

by Daniel Johnson

Player Uno vs. Pinkie Sanchez

This year’s Burger King of the Ring tournament is coming to Danbury, Connecticut…in four months! Titled Burger King of the Ring II: Double Whopper the show is sure to feature a bunch of spots as insane as they are goofy. On that note, the above clip is the most recent addition to ISW Free Match Monday and features the opener from the original 2011 tournament.

Calling the action is a referee the commentators say looks like Heath Slater, but I’m more inclined to say he looks like a ginger Charles Robinson. At any rate Uno gets booed at the beginning of the bout and surprisingly Pinkie gets cheered. Uno has to win the fans over and the only way to do it is to pulverize Pinkie. Uno lays in some chops and at one point comes darn close to a full-on chopfest. However, Pinkie playing the natural heel that he is eventually ends up blowing a (controlled) substance in Uno’s face on the outside. As Uno is dazed and blinded, Pinkie whacks him with a chair and then climbs to the ring apron and stomps the poor gaming enthusiast. When the action goes back inside Pinkie hits his version of the shinning wizard aka the shinning ass twice then locks on a figure-four to make Uno submit.

While November 16 is still a while away you can find out more about Burger King of the Ring II: Double Whopper here.

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