Stone and Starr at the CZW Academy

by Daniel Johnson

Anthony Stone vs. David Starr

As this match from a Beyond Wrestling All Killer taping starts, commentator Denver Colorado points out the show is not taking place from a meth lab, but rather the training facility of the CZW Academy. I’m not really sure if those two places were always mutually exclusive. Colorado also throws in the tidbit that this is just days before the facility is being demolished.

Anyway, getting into the match David Starr starts with a headlock, but Anthony Stone is able to quickly wiggle out of it. This bout looks kind of like an amateur contest at times with lots of holds depending on strategy and technique. The bout picks up when Stone hits a high calf kick, but Starr wrestles back for control of the match.  The two try to nail each other with high impact strikes and Stone succeeds with a discus lariat. Both men crumple to the mat, but are quickly enough back up. A short while later Stone springboards into the ring and wallops Starr with a move that would make CM Punk proud, two knees to the face.

Leading into the finish David Starr hits a sick looking release German suplex. Starr goes up top, but gets caught and Stone hits a senton on him while he is caught up in the ropes. Back on the mat Stone puts Starr away with a fireman’s carry into a spinebuster. Arn Anderson approved.

Also, for what it’s worth, this clip was also uploaded by the folks at Beyond Wrestling a week ago.

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