We’re Through the Looking Glass Here, People

I was just on FAN, one of my favorite online forums, and came across a thread titled, “The Worst Match I’ve Ever Seen.” Above is what was inside.

While the original poster claims that it is the worst match he has ever seen I would argue it is not simply a negative 5 star match on the Dave Meltzer system. Instead we have simply gone through the looking glass into a realm beyond wrestling. To fully appreciate this video one must give it a careful reading. Look at the fans by the tree looking wearily towards the competitors as they enter.  Of course they could get much closer to the action as very few people are there, which acts as perfect symbolism to how each of us approach life. Yet, the fear and anxiety present in everyday life is not the only theme touched upon by the artists at Ultimate Boneyard Wrestling.

Instead the wonders of the after life are explored though the use of the antagonist Living Dead Girl. Christy Lynn represents the every man or in this case the every woman. By not falling to Living Dead Girl, but instead to Clone’s Clone, Lynn demonstrates that only by our own hands do we fail and in the end die.

Truly high art at its most sincere.

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