Another Reason to Love Damien Sandow

With it being Friday and time for Smackdown I thought I would post some early Damien Sandow action. This action is so early that it is before he was even known as Damien Sandow! During his early run in WWE Idol Stevens did not stick out whatsoever. It did not help when he was paired in a generic heel tag team where the breakout star was…manager Michelle McCool.

Yet as this match shows as early as 2008 Stevens was really coming into his own as a heel. Look for all the little mannerisms Stevens throws in to get the audience to hate him. It reminds me a little bit of Edge’s later heel work. This match shows a little that even in 2008 Stevens could have been a pretty good heel in a major promotion. Now that he has had four more years to hone these abilities he may be the sleeper hit of the year.

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